Surf Lessons

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”

Surf Safety & Etiquette

The ocean is a hazardous environment and before you enter the water it's vital to understand how to avoid any troublesome situations. You'll also learn surfing etiquette and how to still have a blast with tons of people out there.


Finding the right balance and creating an effective paddling technique are essential to learning how to surf. We'll teach you how to center yourself correctly on the board to maximize your time on it!

Reading the Ocean

Once you find your balance on the board and can paddle around in the water your next step is finding a wave! We'll teach you how to spot the best waves to ride and where to position yourself for the easiest takeoff.

Standing Up!

The final step in your long journey: Getting up! From the pop-up to hand and foot positioning, we'll show you how to properly get from horizontal to vertical.

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About us

Learn to Surf NJ was started by Central New Jersey native Phil Manning. After backpacking around the continental US and the southern part of Central America, he came home enthused to share his passion with those who are eager to learn.